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Mick Doust


 Mick started painting in his mid twenties as a hobby.  He kept up regular painting and, as he was living in the country, devoured all the books about art practice and art history that he could get his hands on.  What particularly inspired him was the early Australian impressionists such as Arthur Streeton, Frederic McCubbin, Tom Roberts and the like. He began to sell his paintings but his career took him away from these endeavours for the next twenty years or so.   Retirement allowed Mick to pick up his brushes and kit and travel Australia to paint the diverse landscapes and Australian light.   He aims to paint so that the viewer will come back and recognise the sense of place or time.

Mick has won many awards in recent years and has had write ups in painting magazines.  He is the most recent partner to join Bungendore Fine Art on the 13th birthday of the gallery.




      White Cliffs Mine "Oil on board"

With a vast emptiness surrounding it the town of White Cliffs exists for only one thing, opal mining. Its so hot most of the town exists underground making it a truly unique part of Australia. A truly unbelievable place for an artist as the colours of the earth have been changed by the thousands of mullock heaps (the earth thats been extracted from the mines) leaving multi coloured hillocks as far as the eye can see. This combined with the never ending flatness of the horizon as the sky lights up at dawn and dusk is quite inspirational.


     Southerly Buster "oil on canvas 90cm x 60cm"

Along the east coast of Australia people are quite familiar with the weather phenonemon known as the southerly buster which turns a pleasent sunny day into a torrential downpour along with high wind and the darkest of clouds in less than an hour. As the sun is blacked out and the wind increases the sky puts on a spectacular show. What a great subject to try and capture.


    The Wave "Oil on canvas"

One of my favourite subjects is the ocean and the drama it produces.


      Honeymoon Bay "Oil on board" (Sold)

Sitting on the northern shore of Jervis Bay, Honeymoon Bay has to be one of the most beautiful little spots on the south coast of NSW. Accessed via a military bombing range it is still quite a secluded spot even at the height of the summer. With its pristine waters and sense of isolation it makes a wonderful subject.

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