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Janette McGuffog

 JanetteJanette spent her childhood growing up in the beautiful Flinders Ranges where even at a young age Janette had dabbled with colours.  Moving to the Tiwi Islands in the Northern Territory she discovered her talent for capturing nature on canvas.  Since moving to Bungendore, Janette has spent the last eight years developing her style as an acrylic and textile artist and has found that flowers are her true passion.  She draws inspiration especially from her beautiful gardens on her property and in the Canberra region.  Janette captures her love of colour and beautiful things on her canvases, allowing others to enjoy something special.

She has been painting in different mediums for over 20 years but now paints in inks over various supports of paper and canvas. Often the support is highly textured and is flooded with the luminous transparency of the coloured inks. Her bright and cheerful pallet now decorates the walls of many owners of her paintings here and overseas.       view paintings